Mazda - Ben Shewry

Our film for Mazda Australia hones in on the details and craftsmanship behind the CX-60.
Mazda Australia
Mazda - Ben Shewry

Food and Automotive Industries

Our film for Mazda draws parallels with the craftsmanship and details of food created by Ben Shewry and the design of the CX-60 by Akira Tamatani. We managed to communicate Ben's appreciation for details in automotive design, whilst drawing a direct comparison with the design of the CX-60.


Details and Craftsmanship

The film follows Ben Shewry's journey in Japan to get to know not only the culture of food, but also Mazda's design process and factory. The goal was to tell the story of Ben's food journey and his passion for good design.


Pursuit of Excellence

Being shared on Mazda Australia's main Youtube channel and socials, it has garnered over 20,000 views combined. Through our experience in social media, we were able to cut together a visually engaging video for their audience to view.